That Font I Made One Time

Why Bother?

I develop videogames in my spare time. Problem - the usual fonts are too boring and neutral.

I looked online for some nice-looking, themed (in my case, pixel-themed) fonts I could use that were free for both personal use and commercial use.

Problem - all of the nice-looking fonts that would go well with my projects were either free for personal use only or not free at all.

Because of this, I decided to set aside a few hours and make my own. Since the font was pixel-themed, I didn’t have to worry about using anything fancy and used a simple pixel-by-pixel editor.

The Actual Font

  It was the first time I had made a font, so cut me at least a little slack.  

Seeing as the whole reason I made it in the first place was because I couldn’t find a font I liked without being restricted, I uploaded it to a font-sharing service for others’ free use.